Lineage 2 private servers

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GRAND OPENING 14/12/2021 18:00 UTC+2!

Server Rates

  • Rates

    XP: 4000x

    SP: 4000x

    Adena: 4000x

    Spoil: 0x

    Quest Items: 0x

  • Enchants

    Maximum Weapon: +25

    Maximum Armor: +25

    Maximum Jewel: +25

    Normal Scroll: 75%

    Crystal Scroll: 70%

    Blessed Scroll: 85%

    All Enchant Rates Will Be Decreased After + 16

  • Events-Special Events

    Team VS Team

    Capture The Flag


    Mass Drop Event

    Hide And Seek

    All Vs All

    Farm Event

    Russian Roulette

Server Features

  • Custom Weapons/Armors




  • Custom Items

    Tattoo's Lv2,3

    "New"Accesories Face-Hair Increasing Special Stats

    Lunacy Rings "Tier2"

    "New"Custom Materials

    Lunacy Tokens Via "Pc Bang Poitns"

    Relic Rings "Tier3"

    Rework all classes Balance all classes Balance all skills Skills working 100% New belts New tattoo's New monsters New epic bosses 100% Uptime New giveaways Vote rewards PvP-Pk Rank system Rebirth Manager (Max 5 Rebirths) New custom npc's

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